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LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o.

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In functional rooms, where safety and good lighting are key, linear LED luminaires are often used. It is a universal solution that works especially well in such facilities as schools, offices, hospitals and offices. Lamps are mounted directly on the ceiling or are suspended on wires or chains. The advantages of this type of lighting include: intense, but eye-pleasing light stream, shock resistance, long service life, wide assembly possibilities and aesthetic appearance.

The European company LUG Light Factory specializes in the production of linear and system luminaires. Customers are eager to choose universal models with an ergonomic shape for their commercial and public buildings. The manufacturer offers models for various industries and technical requirements. What distinguishes the company's products is a large selection of options in terms of colors, assembly method and others. The luminaires are made of durable aluminum, and the installation itself has been carefully thought out by the designers.

messages.published : 2023-09-18

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